At Hideseekers’ we love and care about our leather and suede. We use Lamb, Deerskin and Cow Nappa which is Chrome Tanned making it soft, supple and pliable. To ensure the longevity of your recent purchase, we recommend you follow these simple guidelines to treat your leather with love.

  • Basic Leather Care

    Avoid over cleaning.  Regular airing outside, away from the direct sunshine, will generally refresh your garment and eliminate any odour.  Most surface dirt on leather will simply wipe off with a clean damp cloth or babywipe.  Be gentle.  Do not attempt to spot clean with household cleaners, creams or soaps.  These will strip away the Leathers natural lubricating oils, and leave it vulnerable to bacteria, tarnishing and cracking, as well as possibly breaking down the stitching.  Remember you can simply spot clean the lining of your garment also, and avoid the leather entirely.

  • What to avoid

    Try to avoid oils from your body and hair, perfumes and hairspray, coming into contact with your Leather or Suede pieces.  Oil stains can sometimes be removed with talcum powder or chalkdust, if applied quickly and directly to the spot and left for 24hrs to absorb.  More stubborn stains are best left to the professionals, and beware of inexperienced drycleaners who can cause more harm than good.

  • Caring for Suede

    For Suede We recommend treating your Hideseekers’ Tote bag regularly with a Showerproofing spray to protect against water damage and other stains.   As with any fabric, test a small, unseen patch first.  Any dry surface dirt can then be gently filed away with a nail file using delicate strokes, then the nap (the raised fibres typical of suede) restored with a suede brush.

  • What to do if your leather or suede gets wet

    If your leather garment gets wet, hang it to dry on a padded or well-shaped wooden hanger (never use wire hangers for your leather garments).  Do not attempt to speed up the drying process by using a heat source, or dryer of any description, and keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Leather pockets & trims

    If during the process of laundering your Hideseekers Leather Pocket T, the leather pocket becomes creased, you can gently reshape pocket by smoothing a warm iron, with no steam, over the reverse side of garment. Do not ever iron directly onto leather – it will burn just as human skin does.

  • Storing leather and suede garments

    When storing your Leather garments do not store in plastic bags, as they don’t allow the garment to ‘breathe’, and can promote mold and mildew.  Remove Drycleaning plastic bags immediately upon collection from cleaners.  Store away from direct sunlight in a dry place, on a wide padded hanger where air can circulate.  If you must cover leather or suede items for storing, cover them with a cotton pillowcase or cloth garment bag.